Minutes November 3 2010

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Attendees: Jeff Licquia (LF), Stew Benedict (LF), Robert Schweikert (Novell), Mats Wichmann (Intel)


  • 4.1 beta status
  • Issues with spec: mis-handling of some trial-use specs.


Jeff: 4.1 beta - most of packages built and placed where they need to be
Jeff: couple of things yet to be resolved, appbat seems to have stopped building, may have to wait a bit
Jeff: need to fix some things in the dist-ckecker manifest, 4.1 points to snapshots, same for app-checker
Jeff: tests and sdk are all in place, will get to appbat later
Jeff: testing schedule, running about a month behind, possibly speed up testing schedule, or move the RC back a month

Discussion as to whether to slide the the schedule or accelerate testing - decision to keep with the schedule we published.

Mats: are there going to be repos?
Mats: if the spin time is better, is it easy to do a beta2?
Jeff: when I ran into issues, and had to rebuild, it took about 6 hrs to build distro tests
a Mats: If dist-checker isn't picking up the right set of packages, we probably need a respin anyway

Jeff: The other subject for today, Mats, there's a spec issue you were concerned about?
Mats: For the nss/nspr, Security Module, half of our material says it's trial use, and half says it's full spec.
Jeff: So if it's trial use, we need to decide what to do, I seem to recall it was kept at trial use for 4.0
Mats: Yes, it's odd though that the db and checkers seem to think it's fully in 4.0
Mats: Maybe we can find something in the list archives
Jeff: Found it, results of the vote say trial use, so we have a bug to fix for 4.0 to move it to trial use like it should be
Mats: So we need to release new version independent packages with the fix

some discussion, end result is to promote nss/nspr to full spec for 4.1, although we do lack tests

Jeff: nss is sort of an odd beast, affiliated with firefox, so desktop, but also a core thing, with security hooks being in many things, by that logic it would be core
Mats: or we create a new module, like printing etc. But since you can't break things up it doesn't matter much
Jeff: are there any issue with adding things to core?
Robert: if we modularize, then printing might go into desktop
Jeff: Mats, as the spec munger are you ok with that?
Mats: sure, not particularly hard to do the right thing

Jeff: That's the agenda. Anything else?
Mats: What are the next steps?
Jeff: beta1 and testing, and the nss stuff

End of Call