Minutes November 24 2010

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Mats Wichmann (Intel), Stew Benedict (LF), Robert Schweikert (Novell), Alan Clark (Novell), Jeff Licquia (LF)


  • LSB 4.1 status and schedule


Jeff: 4.1 beta issues, generating 4.1 beta2 repos right now, bundles have been rolled out
Jeff: powerpc machine had issues and held up the build a bit
Jeff: small issue with appbat, but will do the announcement anyway, to the mailing list
Jeff: on a couple of architectures, it looks like alsaplayer is missing
Jeff: we are progressing on the press release
Jeff: you can start testing with bundles, repos may be a little while yet
Jeff: talked with Ibrahim, we're going to move the schedule ahead a month, beginning of January for RC1, and mid January for the final, any comments?
Robert: I disagree, we should stick to the schedule. No-one will be testing between Dec 15 and Jan 1/ LSB has a reputation of not doing what they say they'll do.
Jeff: but we also don't want to release with a bunch of bugs
Alan: what I'd do is release it and then send out a reminder to the mail lists at the beginning of January (beta)
Jeff: I'm talking about doing the final release in January rather than December
Alan: did you talk to Amanda about the press release?
Jeff: yes, it's almost done
Alan: and it's going to mention the beta?
Jeff: yes
Alan: when it's going out?
Jeff: it's in final draft form, going around for approval?
Alan: I'm concerned that if it takes too long, there's not much space between beta and final
Jeff: If we stick to the current schedule, what are the benefits, aside from saying we kept to our schedule?
Mats: I think the 4.1 specific issues are mostly done. The longer we wait, I'll have less available time to work on LSB
Jeff: I'll send a note to Ibrahim, cc Stew and discuss the Workgroup's position.
Jeff: Next week's call will be on the 1st, the original RC date. We can discuss next call and discuss whether we do the RC then, or adjust.
Jeff: Any other questions/concerns about schedule?
Jeff: any other concerns
Mats: Not getting successful devchk builds, probably need to look at that

End of Call