Minutes May 19 2010

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Attendees Jeff Licquia (LF), Stew Benedict (LF), Kay Tate (Novell), Robert Schweikert (Novell)


  • Status of updates: 4.0 update 2, App/Dist Checker


Compiled after-the-fact, please correct any mistakes

Kay: Spoke to Dan, he will collect his thoughts and is willing to share his experience on the T2C markup.
Jeff: Good, tell him to let us know when and we'll let him have the floor.
Jeff: Quick status update on LSB-4.1 activities, still moving ahead as planned, not a lot new this week as people as being pulled into other projects.
Jeff: LSB-4.0 tests refresh and app-checker/dist-checker updates are in a public place, please test. Still missing olver-core-test for s390x (known issue)
Robert: With resources being pulled for other things, will we still be able to hit the target dates for 4.1?
Jeff: I think we still can, this is why I pushed to have them out as far as they are. Some of the "other" activities will benefit LSB work also.
Robert: Any more on whether to have the next F2F in Aug (OSCON) or Nov (Plumber's Conference)?

After a brief discussion it was decided the November date will probably work best for most people.

End of Call (ended early)