Minutes Mar 2 2011

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Jeff Licquia (LF), Mats Wichmann (Intel), Stew Benedict (LF), Alan Clark (Novell)


  • Collab Summit ideas.
  • LSB 4.2 ideas.


Jeff: LSB 4.1, some users having issues doing certs with dist-checker. Thinking of doing a refresh to dist-checker to address some of these. In particular to address the basically empty list on the "Get Certified" page.
Jeff: Working with publicity folks on making the 4.1 announcement.
Jeff: Any questions on 4.1?
Mats: When are we going to issue updates to other things
Jeff: Might be a good thing to consider. Are there fixes that need to go into the 4.0 refresh yet?
Stew: Pretty much up-to-date, 70-some bugs in that rollup.
Mats: Is libchk still broken?
Stew: Being unable to build it? Yes
Mats: So to summarize, the inclusion of elf.h in LSB, broke the old (4.0) elfchk build because it went into all LSB versions
Jeff: Things would be a lot easier if libchk and cmdchk were version independent
Jeff: So we need to fix the libchk/elfchk build issue and go ahead and build/test the 4.0 update 3
Jeff: It might be nice to have the 4.0 tree (and the 4.1 tree when it's there), that things build on a change into staging, similar to how snapshots build
Jeff: Anything else on 4.0 updates?

Jeff: I want to talk about ideas for the collab summit and 4.2

Project Plan: ProjectPlan42
Summit: F2F Spring 2011

Jeff: So we have some test enhancements/expansions, as well as version uplifts of various libraries. Also the dbus spec.
Jeff: Is it time to drop some of the deprecated things? Time to refresh the packaging spec?
Jeff: Does anyone want to vote for something that's not on the list or something they feel is more important than anything else?
Alan: Is there any update on some of these lower priority tasks, like the alternate compilers than gcc?
Jeff: Had a guy from Intel working on things at one time, and things were working with the Intel compiler, but chances are things have bit-rotted. We had also looked briefly at the PGI compiler, but never completely got to it.
Alan: Mats, would it help to ask Doug Fisher wrg to the Intel compiler? I can ask Wim about Java
Jeff: Now that 4.1 is about out the door, we can perhaps look at Java
Mats: Is that still a priority?
Alan: Most of the Novell apps, if we ever want to certify them, use either Java or Mono
Alan: I'm not looking to add Java and Mono to the spec, only build them LSB compliant
Alan: Have we run the checker against Ruby or Mono?
Alan: It might be low-hanging fruit to do one of these
Jeff: There's a culture in the Ruby community that you shouldn't use distro packages and download from them, also they have a fairly unstable api
Jeff: Looking at the Mono interfaces in Navigator, I see syscall, which has been a problem in the past with other things

Jeff: So I want to backup a little bit to the dbus question Mats mentioned. I think things are getting to point where this is something we need to address. Time and resources is the usual question. Based on our t2c-alsa experience, perhaps we could do shallow tests for one library in the 4.2 time frame

Jeff: We got a couple of minutes left. I want to go back to the collab summit. We have one good topic to talk about, the alsa-t2c experience. Does someone have other topics the want to go over, in particular on the public day on Friday?
Alan: current release info, who's certified, road map going forward
Jeff: Anything else? We often times do demos of the checkers or the sdk, how to make something LSB compliant

End Of Call