Minutes Mar 23 2011

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Jeff Licquia (LF), Mats Wichman (Intel), Robert Schweikert (Novell), Stew Benedict (LF), Alan Clark (Novell)


  • Infrastructure: new staging area.
  • 4.0 refresh.
  • F2F.


Jeff: Infrastructure. Unofficial bzr repos. Lot of old stuff, possibly some stuff to be moved to official/devel.
Mats: Seemed to me that some of the old branches for things that are in devel, could probably could go away

some discussion about the various repos in unofficial and what to do with them

Jeff: staging: Stuff that isn't snapshots. People need a way to get them without know special incantations. All has been moved into scripts, on a staging directory of the ftp site. Currently has 4.0 and 4.1-beta. Not complete yet.
Jeff: We now have schedulers for the 4.0 branches, so commits will trigger a build.
Jeff: Will make it easier for people to release things. Once the signing etc. is done
Jeff: May be some buglets yet. Let me know if builds aren't triggered, etc.
Jeff: 4.0 update. We decided it would be good to do a 4.0 update after we got 4.1 out
Mats: libchk has had some updates, and the backport process had gotten out of sync. We could catch it up with diff, without history. Would it be possible to build a 4.0-targeted version out of devel?
Jeff: Would be a better route than maintaining a 4.0 branch?
Mats: Yes, as an experiment. It would be preferable to make it version independent
Mats: It's a little weird, because we wouldn't have a snapshot in bzr that captures what we released
Jeff: Perhaps the answer is to go ahead and make libchk and pkgchk version independent. Are we ready to do that?
Mats: Nothing inherent. libchk already has big tables and we'd multiply this by 6. Possibly need to look at different ways of storing/using the data
Robert: Why not store the data in a shared object loaded on demand?
Jeff: We'll leave this as something to investigate. (libchk and cmdchk)
Jeff: Anything else on libchk, cmdchk?
Jeff: What other issues?
Jeff: The rollup has 8 open bugs attached to it

some discussion on the open bugs status, and the "others" tests issues with olver-core, some desktop-test backport

Jeff: So we have 3 bugs we'd like to get into the update. I'm in favor of backporting the perl report generator change for olver
Jeff: Any other questions or comments on 4.0 backport issues?

Jeff: F2F - I still need to setup a schedule for Friday. I know we have a slot for the joint session with OpenPrinting, and I'll work the rest of the schedule around that.
Jeff: We'll talk more next week, as it's out last meeting before then. I'll have a schedule put together by then
Jeff: Anything else on the F2F?
Jeff: Anything else?

End Of Call