Minutes Mar 17 2010

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Stew Benedict (LF), Jeff Licquia (LF), Mats Wichmann (Intel), Robert Schweikert (Novell), Russ Herrold (Centos) Alan Clark (Novell), Amy Anderson (IBM)


- Collab Summit agenda: talks and presentations.

Jeff: SDK update - release candidate to be announced soon, in the ftp area under beta, packages or bundles
Jeff: collab summit - sessions Thurs and Friday, need to plan these, looking for ideas and/or presentations
Give the usual LSB presentations, but also pitch T2C framework to upstream
Mats: hard to figure out what the audience will be. Need a demo of building a compliant app, app-checker tools - show how the testing frameworks can be leveraged into other things than LSB - where is LSB going, is there interest in adding new features or are we just in maintenance mode?
Robert, Jeff: agree - we need to cover this first thing in the internal session Monday, but that could impact the sessions later in the week
Mats: make a slot for LSB "futures" and adapt as needed
Robert: 2 days of public sessions is too much, should only have 1 day
Mats: make Friday available to schedule small sessions, Printing joint session Robert: agree, take on individual requests on Friday

wiki page with tenative planning: http://www.linuxfoundation.org/en/LSB_F2F_Spring_2010

Jeff: on one hand we're thinking 2 days is too, much on the other hand we have a number of topics people want covered, is this more than a days worth?
Robert: topics mentioned sound like they could fit in a day, hour for LSB pitch and futures, 2 hrs for app devel and testing
Jeff: perhaps, if we can limit going offtopic<
Robert: we can and should rathole in the internal sessions, we can limit in the public ones
Jeff: want to do an LSB-4.0 restrospective in the Monday session
Alan: want to talk about how we develop a sales pitch to get upstream to adopt tests, Mon-Tues?, feed into Thurs?
Jeff: we can adjust the testing presentation Thurs based on Mon-Tues
Jeff: Any volunteers to do presentations?
Robert: I can take the app-checker presentation
Mats: can do something, but travel is not looking promising
Alan: would like to have Mats present at least virtually
Russ: can we publish this number and possibly a SIP bridge?
Jeff: sure, not familiar with the SIP setup
Russ: I'll get with you offline and discuss details for SIP
Robert: for Thurs, I can setup an illuminate session (remote display) and we can use it for the other presentations
Jeff: anyone have interest in the evangilizing of conformance tests?
Alan: I volunteer for the business side of it, not comfortable doing the markup/test demo; will work with Vladimir
Russ: open source code analyser that LF should look at, perhaps we can leverage some of their material for promoting the general idea of conformance testing http://clang-analyzer.llvm.org/
Jeff: perhaps facilitate a discussion with the audience on the value of testing
Jeff: a testimonial from a project how conformance testing has helped - not sure if we have a source for that someone from the Java group perhaps? I'll follow up to see if they'll have someone there
Alan: like the idea, don't know if we can get someone outside the LSB to do it
Jeff: looks like I have enough material to put together a schedule - any other items?
Robert: again, state of the union for LSB first thing Monday. May be worth inviting Jim for that.
Jeff: opening the floor for anything else
Mats: how do we solve to repo problem for the sdk RC (beta repos); when will we push a test refresh?
Jeff: middle ground issue, once we actually release we can merge, just need a means to publish RC material scripts we have are from the period of time when we did full releases, need some rework to do modular releases
Mats: should we perhaps look at the distro model, released is static, with a dynamic updates repo
Russ: would be good to have a release announcement with details of the bugs addressed

End Of Call