Minutes Mar 16 2011

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Alan Clark (Novell), Stew Benedict (LF), Jeff Licquia (LF), Mats Wichmann (Intel), Robert Schweikert (Novell)


  • F2F agenda: what we're talking about, who's talking.


Jeff: Need to nail down everything we need for the F2F (Face-to-face).
Alan: What days?
Jeff: Tues and Fri, Tues being the insiders session, Fri the public session
Jeff: Looks like we have plenty to talk about on Tues. I have something I need to add on present status of LSB
Jeff: Anything to add to that schedule?
Jeff: We should probably add something on LSB-next
Alan: Did we resolve the z-series issue with 4.1?
Jeff: Resolved - we got the system back
Jeff: Day 2, more public facing. How do we want to handle? We have status of LSB, some demos, joint session with Open Printing. anything else?
Mats: On Open Printing. We've done this for a few years now, and we talk about what would be useful for them, but then we don't get to implementing.
Jeff: I think it's worth reporting to them that we accomplished most of what they wanted, aside from SANE
Mats: Not an objection per-say, would just like to keep it concise and not take too much time
Mats: Have we talked enough about using the tools to help make portable apps, aside from the LSB aspect?

some more discussion about the plan, target audience, missed some details

Jeff: We could move some things from Tues to Fri. The LSB-next plan, deprecations, infrastructure...
Jeff: Any other proposals for Friday?
Robert: I still question the Fri public session, perhaps the time would be better used for planning/work
Jeff: Some of the people won't be there on Tues. Some things like ARM and init might draw people in, could move to Fri
Robert: I just think the presentations at this particular gathering isn't a good use of our time. I think Linuxcon or one of the other conferences would be better for presentations
Alan: I tend to agree, I think we should focus on workgroup activities
Jeff: I do have some people that want to know what we're planning, so I'm probably going to go ahead and schedule things, subject to change. We can put an item on Tue to finalize Fri
Mats: So lets put things that could benefit from outside commentary on Friday

Jeff make some schedule adjusts on the wiki

Jeff: Does anyone want to drive the discussion for any of these topics?
Mats: I'm not volunteering until I know where I'll be
Jeff: I understand

Jeff: Has everyone seen the wiki and seen the new style? It should be the default now
Jeff: If not, you'll need to go into your user preferences and change the skin

Jeff: On the F2F, we have a list of talks, I'll re-arrange a bit and talk to Open Printing to schedule the joint session with them
Jeff: Anything else on the F2F?

Jeff: Stew, Mats. Do you want to talk about the distro data loading you've been working on?
Stew: Mostly works, not terribly difficult, just takes some time. Had one weird database load that didn't seem to want to end and I killed it after 8 hours
Mats: Not much else to talk about, it seems to work when it works
Jeff: This isn't in version control right?
Mats: Right
Jeff: Would there be any benefit to prune out the old data>
Mats: Possibly, not sure of the mechanics of how you back things back out of the database
Jeff: I could see removing some of the community distros that are older
Jeff: I wonder if we couldn't alter the community data so there's some kind of dependency chain.Do we think this is feasible?
Mats: We can file a bug that the database is too big, and track ideas
Jeff: Have we looked at the interaction with app-checker?
Mats/Stew: No

Jeff: Anything else, or proposals for next week?
Mats: Keep looking at the wiki. I've been making changes, but things need to be filled in
Mats: Also need to schedule a couple of bug-scrubbing sessions

End Of Call