Minutes June 16 2010

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Jeff Licquia (LF), Stew Benedict (LF), Jiri Dhulos (Novell), Russ Herrold (Owl River)


  • LSB 4.0 update 2 progress.


Jeff: Not a lot going on at the moment. Quiet phase for LSB. Robert is writing some man pages for undocumented functions that are to be added for 4.1.
Jeff: 4.0 update - haven't done appbat rebuild yet. Issue with building libchk, pulling packaging from devel. Still need to resolve.
Jeff: Once those builds are done, I'll update the beta directory.
Jeff: Stew, anything of interest?
Stew: Nothing LSB related going on at the moment.
Jeff: Russ, Jiri, anything?
Russ: Some activity on the packaging list, re: Berlin API.
Jeff: Yes, noticed that thread, I need to review it and respond.
Jeff: Anything else?

End of Call