Minutes Jun 29 2011

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Jeff Licquia (LF), Mats Wichmann (Intel), Russ Herrold (CentOS)


  • LSB 5.0 planning: more libraries, other tasks.


Informal, mostly covered more library targets. See the Uplift Target page for more information.

FreeType: nothing new seems to be going on, recent activity seems based on patent expiration.

CUPS: Important changes landed in 4.1, newer stuff not as interesting. Jeff: OpenPrinting would probably prefer work on SANE to a CUPS uplift.

ALSA: Landed in 4.1, probably not interesting to uplift again.

Pango: Part of GTK+ uplift, so should be associated with that.

Mozilla NSS libraries: there's a bug on some proposed NSPR symbols. Russ: the Red Hat project to move all crypto stuff to NSS has stalled, possibly related to FIPS problems.

Qt: Qt 3 is targeted for removal. Everyone's on Qt 4.6 at least, probably want to consider 4.7 in the timeframe of the LSB 5.0 release.

OpenGL: We're old. The spec is up to 4.1, but 4.x and 3.x don't seem to be in use by anyone, even Apple. 2.1 would be the target. We should see if anything needs to be done to reconcile with OpenGL ES work.