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Minutes Jun 22 2011

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Robert Schweikert (Suse), Jeff Licquia (LF), Stew Benedict (LF), Jon Masters (Red Hat)



Brief discussion on status of LSB ARM - people are interested, trying to get cycles to work on it

Jeff: Discussion of library uplift list - libjpeg. F15 doesn't seem to have the traditional libjpeg, uses jpeg-turbo?
Jeff: Perhaps we should recommend GTK, Qt as the recommended LSB way to use these graphics libraries, rather than directly. Or use a wrapper API.
Robert: I disagree, can't force people to use GTK, Qt.
Jeff: So the question is whether jpeg-turbo is binary compatible
Stew: Can run a test on my rawhide install to see
Jeff: Looks like it's too early to consider new interfaces from jpeg-turbo
Stew: Looking at my rawhide install, like you said the .62 so file is provided by the jpeg-turbo package, so that's what I've been testing against
Jeff: libpng - distros in table all using 1.2.4x, LSB at 1.2.8. Upstream up to 1.5. Need to investigate whether there are binary compatibility issues with newer versions
Jeff: libxml2 - we're at 2.6.x, distros at 2.7.x. May be reasons to uplift. Upstream is at 2.7.8. Wait on this one.
Jeff: atk, gtk and friends. Were at 2.10/12 for most things. New thing is gtk3. Should we do a trial use module for gtk3 rather than do the work to uplift gtk2? Opinions?
Robert: It's a lot of work, but it might be worth doing. (uplift gtk2 and add gtk3)
Jeff: gtk3 is mostly getting interest from the GNOME folks, apps are still using gtk2
Robert: Right, but we've got a long release cycle and a longer deprecation period, so it will be some years before it goes away even if we deprecate
Jeff: How do we feel procedurally, if we deprecate gtk2 and only have gtk3 as trial use an an alternate?
Robert: I agree, gtk3 should go right in
Jeff: So we need to make sure we have tests, etc that it's acceptable as a full module Jeff: fontconfig, we're at 2.3, distros at 2.6. Not sure there's much going on with fontconfig these days

Jeff: FHS - been sidetracked with sysadmin duties with David gone. Been working through the bug list.

End Of Call

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