Minutes July 28 2010

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Mats Wichmann (Intel), Jeff Licquia (LF), Stew Benedict (LF), Alan Clark (Novell), Russ Herrold (Owl River), Jiri Dluhos (Novell)


  • Recent infrastructure changes.


Jeff: First set of changes to build stable releases with buildbot are in place. Some fallout from that which I need to resolve. Appbat for instance is one issue.
Mats: libbat isn't built as part of appbat now?
Jeff: No, seperate job
Mats: But you can do dependencies right?
Jeff: Not currently using dependencies, but we can try again.
Russ: You should probably have a test bench for experimenting so you don't impact production
Jeff: Perhaps do that for a single architecture. Less than ideal but we're somewhat resource constrained on some of the arches.
Mats: An argument could be made for build libbat as part of the appbat build and removing it afterward.
Jeff: Yes but some of our own builds need libbat
Mats: Perhaps we should go back and address those and remove those dependencies, but that may be busywork
Jeff/Mats: The fact that these libs are in libbat is some indication that they're candidates for LSB. But there are limited resources to add them.
Jeff: If it comes to a question of adding things, dbus would probably have more demand than curl (for instance)
Russ: Curl has a number of vulnerabilities (CVEs) and dbus is worse.
Mats: Do we know what builds depend on libbat?
Stew: xts5 and xvfb
Mats: so it sounds like we need to have it as part of some "reset" process
Jeff: so part of why we're doing this is to be able to build stable releases. 4.0 worked, 3.2 did not
Jeff: while we may not have the need to build 3.2 or less, we may want to some day. Comes down to resources again
Jeff: If we're finding it difficult to build these old builds. Perhaps that's a good test for the version independent sdk to use it and understand why these old builds are failing
Jeff: Anything else on infrastructure?
Jeff: I think we've resolved the dl_iterate_phdr issue and the devel branch is building now

End of Call