Minutes Jan 26 2011

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Jeff Licqiua (LF), Stew Benedict (LF), Robert Schweikert (Novell), Alan Clark (Novell), Mats Wichmann (Intel)


  • LSB 4.1 RC1 status and feedback.
  • Collab Summit details.


Jeff: RC announced Monday. 2 outstanding issues, s390/x and late breaking change in xdg-utils.
Jeff: Any showstopper issues encountered? I'm aware of the debian repo issue.
Mats: The issues with the *stat() interfaces discussed on the mail list today.
Alan: Jeff, Kay wanted me to ask if you got your Z-access back?
Jeff: Still discussing with IBM. Apparently we use a lot of resources on the system, and they are hesitant to give it back to us.
Jeff: You may have noticed weekly builds are not happening (buildbot), I've turned them off an plan to make some changes there.
Jeff: Any other questions on the RC?
Mats: Timing?
Jeff: I think in the past we've kept the RC open for 2 weeks, and if we don't need to re-spin an RC2, bless that as final
Alan: Won't that mean we'd release without Z?
Jeff: Plan is to get the Z build done in time to have it included
Jeff: Any objections? Decision day would be a week from Friday. Do we want to setup a meeting then?
Alan: We should know if we're ready on next Wednesday's call

Jeff: Collab Summit - I've had some conversations with the people running the summit. Looks like the Meego stuff is happening on Thurs. We could do a 1-day workgroup meeting on Friday. What do we all think?
Robert: Will 1 day be enough?
Jeff: I thought we had come to the conclusion that we didn't need more last time
Robert: I'd rather start a day early and meet on Tuesday
Alan: Problem with Friday is everyone tends to take off early to get home
Jeff: I'll talk to people and see if we can do a meeting on Tues, Fri as a backup
Mats: Will we start working up an agenda?
Jeff: Would be a good idea to decide some priorities for the next version of LSB
Mats: There are plenty of big issues that ought to get fixed. Odds of fixing them are very small, based on the current situation. It's a direction and resource thing. Are we just in maintenance mode now? Do we just try to keep things working or try to catch up?
Jeff: I'll see if we can at least get Ibrahim if not Jim to attend to some of the meeting
Jeff: That's the end of my agenda. Does anyone have anything else?

Mats: Since we have some time. Let me ask a hypothetical question. Would it make things easier if we switched appbat from nALFS driven to separate rpm source builds?
Jeff: I think it would help some things, I don't know that it won't eliminate issues. for better or worse, upstream has moved on, so we've essentially forked nALFS, and had to solve any issues in our own usage.
Mats: As a data point, the usage of nALFS for appbat came out of it's usage for the SI. We've migrated the SI (deprecated) to another system, so we don't have that justification any longer
Mats: It would be nice to be able to call for a single build, rather than the whole appbat
Jeff: It will make the buildbot page much longer, with 20-some builds added
Mats: That page needs fixing anyway, to be usable
Jeff: Newer versions of buildbot are said to improve that. Holding off updating until the release is out

End of Call