Minutes Jan 12 2011

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Jeff Licquia (LF), Stew Benedict (LF), Mats Wichmann (Intel), Robert Schweikert (Novell)


  • LSB 4.1 RC1 status.


Jeff: Currently in the process of doing the RC build. Some delay introduced due to the s390 machine gone missing. Using the old machine, trying to bring it up to speed.
Jeff: Probably won't delay the RC build for lack of s390* though. They can come later.
Jeff: Once we've resolved all the 4.0 vs 4.1 references. I'll build, put the build up and make announcements in the usual places.
Jeff: Anything else on 4.1? Mats, I know you talked about breaking devcheck out of misc-test
Mats: Right.
Jeff: Once 4.1 is out, I think misc-test is due for a refactor

Some discussion about placement/links to beta specs, missed the details

Jeff: We have the 4.1 beta page.
Mats: We also need release notes, people still think we never did this for 4.0
Jeff: I'm hoping making a "real" 4.1 release will put the psuedo 4.0 release issues to bed

Jeff: Working on the rework of the web pages.
Mats: So what are we going to do? Make another new web page that point to us?
Jeff: 2 basic cornerstones. The workgroup page will be "the" LSB page. Secondly, upper-management doesn't like the wiki, as it used to be the old corporate site, some of which is out of date or just broken. So the plan is to strip off that stuff and make the wiki just the wiki
Robert: Good. The only thing I want to say is not to forget people that come to look and are looking for the spec, that they can easily find what we produce without getting lost in the wiki
Jeff: I'll probably shop around the layout once it gets going

Jeff: Anything else?
Robert: Are we going to issue waivers for the missing perl modules?
Stew: We actually dropped all the perl modules from LSB that were generating the issues, as they have dependencies outside of perl
Robert: Can you send me a list, as we have an internal discussion/bug on this

Robert: 4.2. Do we have a plan yet?
Jeff: Yes. Stew, Ibrahim and I were talking about this and Stew is on the hook for staring up a 4.2 project plan page
Stew: Yes, hope to get that started today

Jeff: Anything else?

End of Call