Minutes Feb 16 2011

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Stew Benedict (LF), Mats Wichmann (Intel), Robert Schweikert (Novell), Jeff Licquia (LF)


  • LSB 4.1 status.


Jeff: Not a lot of news. Regenerating repos for < 4.1 due to version independent things. then will generate the 4.1 repos. New signing keys for 4.1 which will be copied up
Jeff: Once everything's in place, we'll give it a once over then be ready to go, depending on the state of the spec
Jeff: Mats, you said there's an inssue with Trial Use in the betaspecs?
Mats: Really a non-issue, can fix but the rest is ready for review
Jeff: At what point do you feel like you'll be ready to generate pdfs?
Mats: Whenever we're comfortable with the spec.
Jeff: So maybe 24hrs to review?
Mats: Yes, ptrace stuff in there and new "generic" set of intro material
Jeff: So we have the 2 sides of the release, the spec and tools. Spec is ready and reviewable right now. Tests and tools are bing copied out now
Jeff: So next 24-48 hrs we can check for any big issues, and we should be ready to go
Jeff: PR should happen within the next week.
Jeff: Any other 4.1 issues?
Jeff: Any other things people want to discuss?

End Of Call