Minutes December 8 2010

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Jeff Licquia (LF), Robert Schweikert (Novell), Kay Tate (Novell), Stew Benedict (LF), Mats Wichmann (Intel), Russ Herrold (Owl River)


  • LSB 4.1 status (mostly recent issues that have come up).


Jeff: LSB 4.1 - delayed RC1 last week for some issues, in the meantime we've found additional issues in the LSB headers (after running devchk). Some pthread constants/functions seem to be missing entirely on some architectures.
Jeff: Mats, I believe you regenerated everything and the set_flags, get_flags registers are now out?
Mats: Yes, possibly not the best answer, but we can re-address when we see demand
Jeff: Also some other fun: issues with buildbot. Every architecture is broken in some fashion. Desktop-test hasn't built successfully since beta2 release. Part of that is the change we've pushed to drop -lpthread from always being added by lsbcc.
Jeff: To sum up, autolinking with pthread is a bad idea, we'd like to get rid of it. But can we just drop it? The answer seems to be no for the moment, as many things aren't building.
Jeff: In addition, the x86_64 build machine seems to be having load issues.
Jeff: We have some weird things going on where builds cycle between success and failure
Jeff: Did push change to include pthread_nonshared when the build requests -lpthread
Jeff: Going to look at a couple more things and possibly revert the pthread change to lsbcc and defer this to post-4.1
Jeff: Other issues are differences we're seeing in devchk builds with gcc vs lsbcc.
Jeff: Other spec issues that are 4.1 related?
Mats: No ptrace documentation. There are other things that lack docs too
Jeff: I owe you a ptrace manpage. Been tied up in publicity stuff and certs
Jeff: So, we have work to do yet. Can't do an RC until we can resolve the build issues.
Jeff: Also an issue with appbat. Didn't update appbat in beta2 due to build problems
Jeff: Due to the issues, I'm thinking an RC won't be out until next week. Which leaves little time to test, due to the Holidays. I think we should delay until January
Russ: Isn't that where we were a month ago?
Jeff: Yes, but then the only argument I had for delaying was wanting more time for testing
Robert: Yes, we obviously have bugs that need to be fixed.
Jeff: Any other 4.1 issues that need to be discussed?
Jeff: OK, so we're still in beta. First priority is to solve the build issues. Could be interesting to do a beta3 after we solve the general build issues and appbat issues.
Jeff: Also on the hook to do a bug session in IRC tomorrow @1:00PM Eastern
Jeff: Anything else?

End Of Call