Minutes August 4 2010

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Mats Wichmann (Intel), Stew Benedict (LF), Kay Tate (Novell), Jeff Licquia (LF), Robert Schweikert (Novell)


  • Status report on LSB 4.1.


Jeff: Infrastructure - not much change from last week. We can build snapshots and stable releases now. Each build job installs the appropriate sdk before starting the build. We also now set LSBCC_LSBVERSION appropriately. A couple of issues yet: libbat dependencies, 3.2 builds. Some strange perm issues also.
Jeff: Once we resolve the issues, then we just need a scheduler and a staging tree.
Jeff: May want to look at the signing policy, perhaps give someone else access to the keys
Jeff: ALSA - no change, still have 4 tests partially done and need implementation into dist-checker. Major work on these is the QA issue. Stew to open a bug on the shallow test issues
Jeff: Symbol inclusion. Table may be out of date, shows 0 of 15. Is there still something left to do?
Mats: I only updated the list up above. Some symbols are in, everything builds at the moment.
Jeff: Maybe the next step is to incorporate the contributed tests.
Stew: Any thoughts as to which test suite?
Jeff: Possibly core-test
Jeff: CUPS - no progress since the last time
Jeff: Infrastructure, setting up release schedulers. Do we think we need to setup for 3.x?
some discussion of whether this is worthwhile, call is to let 3.x go for now unless needed
Jeff: OK, so we'll setup schedulers for 4.0, with a possible regular rebuild cycle
Jeff: scheduling note, I'll be taking 2 weeks off starting on the 16th for family health issues
Mats: On the subject of bugs. We have a lot tagged 4.1, but no-one with time to work on them.
Jeff: Stew and I are in the middle of a big release of a project next week or so, so hard to schedule.
Jeff: Lets plan to be in the LSB channel and do the triage at 2PM Eastern, this Friday.

End Of Call