Minutes August 25 2010

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Attendees: Jeff Licquia (LF), Mats Wichmann (Intel), Stew Benedict (LF), Alexey Khoroshilov (ISP/RAS), Alan Clark (Novell), Robert Schweikert (Novell), Russ Herrold (Owl River)


  • Status update: 4.0u2 and 4.1.


Mats: Seems to be an issue with symlinks in the repos to app-checker and possibly other version independent stuff
Jeff: Since we're looking at issuing updates, perhaps the repos need to be re-genned
Jeff: For the 4.0 updates, we need to sign and move stuff that Stew built to the beta directory
Jeff: going to send signing keys to Stew so he can do this part too when I'm not available
Jeff: should we move to beta for more testing or go ahead and just release?
Stew: I hadn't planned to re-test from beta
Jeff: Anyone else plan to test?
no reponse
Jeff: Ok, we'll just release
Jeff: Any other issues with regards to 4.0 updates?
Jeff: OK, moving on to 4.1
Jeff: Infrastructure, mostly able to build release builds, sans a small libbat issue which I'm still working with, mostly done, not yet applied
Jeff: It's also come up that we need to have a buildbot tutorial/documentation session
Jeff: Any opinions on how/when we should do this?
Stew/Alexey: IRC is good, can work with you on time
Jeff: OK we'll set something up. Current docs are in the README in buildbot/config in bzr. If you can take a look at that. Upstream docs are at buildbot.net</br> Jeff: Russ, you were going to look at the buildbot setup, did you get a chance to look at it?
Russ: I did, there are some deficiencies in the docs. Could use a README to get started from scratch
Jeff: Can you email me some comments?
Russ: Sure
Jeff: We're planning a buildbot tutorial in IRC, would you be interested?
Russ: Sure
Russ: Debian has an irc meetbot, might be worth looking at
Jeff: Next on the 4.1 checklist is alsa - any change there?
Stew: No change. Would really be good to get dist-checker support so these tests get exposure
Jeff: According to bug 2979 there is support as of 4.1
Stew: OK, I'm not seeing it in snapshot dist-checker, there is no 4.1 to choose
Jeff: symbol inclusion - 2 of the tests that Robert wrote have been added to core-test, 1 disabled until the interface is added
Stew: yes, the other 2 I did not add because the indication in the bug is that the interfaces wouldn't be added
Jeff: Maybe we could rework the contributed tests to use sysconf so they don't go to waste
Stew: We may already have sysconf tests, but can look at it
Jeff: Maybe we need to re-look at this list and make sure everything on there is still wanted
Jeff: Cups - same state as before, some symbols not added, no new tests, is that the case?
Stew: Some backwards progress of turning off some problematic tests
Jeff: Non-blockers - cairo uplift, no new tests. gtk uplift - appbat app for printing dialog, needs dist-checker integration
Mats: while we've uplifted gtk, we're trailing quite a bit from current. Same for qt4. We'll need to address these moving forward
Jeff: End of the 4.1 list. Anything else to bring up?
Jeff: Proposal for next week. Some events have happened around Java, and perhaps we should have a conversation next week.