Minutes Aug 24 2011

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Meeting 24 August 2011 US EDT 1100-noon US ET, Wednesdays Conference Dial-in Number: (605) 715-4920 Access code: 512468 Gobby server is at dev.linuxfoundation.org, port 6522

Attendees: Jeff Licquia, Kay Tate, Robert Schweikert, Russ Herrold, Jiri Dluhos


  • Report and feedback from LinuxCon.
  • FHS 3.0 draft 1, and feedback.

Carry over Action items from 8/10/2011:

FHS spec and bugs that are blockers need to be worked thru -- JL to get a talking draft FHS 3.0 spec for feedback


Jeff: FHS 3.0. Draft 1 was released before LinuxCon. Feedback has been coming in to the list and in bugs. Big ticket item: possibly getting rid of the OS-specific annexes and moving their content inline with the other sections.

Russ: This can effect indexing. Lots of irrelevant content people have to skip over to get what they want.

Kay: How well does navigation work?

Jeff: We create PDF, chunked HTML, regular HTML, and text. Source is DocBook.

Russ: DocBook should allow us to create good linkage between the generic sections and the annexes. Bi-directional linkage should make this problem less so.

Jeff: LinuxCon was a success. Lots of interest and feedback on the FHS. My presentation was on "Building Portable Applications with the LSB". Well-attended; lots of feedback. Should be a good talk for getting the word out at developer conferences. Also may be good as a webinar/screencast/article/etc.

Kay: Good usage of Navigator as well.

Jeff: Next week, we should pick up LSB 5 again. No progress on the "fake uplifts" yet. LSB 4.1 branches have been created.

Action items:

Do the "fake uplifts" from call two weeks ago.

Next call: 31 August 2011 11:00 US ET