Minutes Apr 28 2010

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Stew Benedict(LF), Jeff Licquia (LF), Robert Schweikert(Novell), Alexey Khoroshilov (ISP/RAS), Vladimir Rubanov (ISP/RAS)


  • Biweekly status update.
  • Infrastructure questions; handling production builds, and SDK juggling.


Jeff: status report - http://www.linuxfoundation.org/en/LSB_4.1_release_tracker
Jeff: I believe the uplift to CUPS-1.2 should be a blocker, I'll add to tracker

Jeff: infrastrucure - old/new build system had no concept of what it was building and uploaded
everything to snapshot. I'm improving that to differentiate -devel from production (-4.0). Which will flow into placing things in the right place after build.
Jeff: Left to do - version control triggers, process for production builds to go to a staging area

Jeff: t2c-alsa tests are being autobuilt, are in snapshots, bug open to add to dist-checker. Stew has been writing normal tests. 11 of 15 done
Stew: problems with the remaining tests are simulating an error condition
Jeff: symbols adds - no progress yet at this point
Jeff: nonblocker - cairo uplift happened, no tests for new interfaces - should open a bug for that
Robert: who is going to do the new interface adds, do we have to wait for Mats?
Jeff: traditionally Mats has done this part, Stew or I someone will have to pick it up
Jeff: GTK uplift - bug 2862 - again lacking tests for new interfaces, need appbat test to use the print dialog
Jeff: CUPS - re-enabled the disabled interfaces, most of the ipp/http stack are added, again need tests

Jeff: web presence - still trying to finish up the download page, some perm issues and link issues
Jeff: need Amanda to have a look at it since it's on the corporate page
Robert: so this will supersede all the other stuff right?
Jeff: yes

Jeff: build infrastructure - sdk dance. For snapshots we probably want to build with the snapshots sdk, but for production builds we want the stable sdk. Need to come up with a system to place the correct sdk in place. Do we need to worry about building updates with the stable sdk?
Stew: some risk, if headers have a temp regression
Robert: need a tool/command to make sure everything is set correctly for whatever we're building
Jeff: we currently have something like this, "reset-sdk", "update-sdk". We need to set the LSB version for what we're building.
Robert: I think we need to insure we're building with the correct sdk. Should have all needed sdk versions installed and choose the correct one.
Jeff: might take some tweaking to have multiple versions installed as the packages aren't relocatable
Stew: we'd have issues building things for <3.2 anyway, due to build env changes and header changes

Robert: questions from Alan (had a conflicting call today):
Robert: talked to Amanda about LDN
Jeff: not yet (she's on vacation)
Robert: training program, talk to Mike Woster?
Jeff: yes

Jeff: may miss call next Wednesday due to family medical things, does someone else want to run it?
Robert: let's just skip it
Jeff: ok, I'll send a cancel notice, meet in 2 weeks