Minutes Apr 21 2010

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Jeff Licquia (LF), Stew Benedict (LF), Alan Clark (Novell), Russ Herrold (Centos), Robert Schweikert (Novell), Mats Wichmann (Intel)


  • Wrap-up for the F2F, discussion of results for those not there, etc.


Jeff: ISP/RAS guys may be still stuck in NY, or still travelling
Jeff: Stew, did you get the Friday and OpenPrinting joint session stuff?
Stew: yes, I think so
Jeff: bottom line is new cups interfaces, SANE only if someone else does the work
Jeff: Gtk-2.10 uplift is a go, if time/resources are available
Jeff: CUPS additions are in process, may be interesting to explore 1.3 interfaces

Jeff: been working on extending the buildbot infrastructure for production builds

Jeff: website presence - Alexey put together a php script that makes a dynamic download page, may need a couple of tweaks yet
Jeff: Amanda and I have been playing phone tag on the other web site issues, may connect today
Jeff: Alan, any news on the PR stuff?
Alan: Nothing yet, still catching up from the trip
Jeff: anything more on PR/website stuff?

Jeff: Java - have touched base with Dalibor, will follow up by email with the Java issues from F2F
Russ: some vendors are nervous about the situation re: Oracle/Java, considering fallback positions, given that Java has been somewhat stagnant
Jeff: Goal is to get the conversation going again and see if we can get past the problems

Jeff: One of the things we talked about at the F2F is that we have to be very rigorous about the scope of the goals of LSB-4.1 and not get distracted
Russ: Have you decided to cut to time-based releases?
Jeff: We are following time-based releases for some parts (SDK), still refining the build infrastructure to streamline things so we can "just release" without a lot of manual effort
Robert: We've tried time-based releases with the tools, but we don't have enough experience yet to see if we should move other things to this model
Jeff: time-based releases sound like a good idea, we'll continue with the current model for now, while we try to really release as we planned.
Russ: might make sense to try to automate just a piece, then use that knowledge for the rest of it</br> Jeff: working on the 4.0 updates as the first piece
Russ: might want to look at http://clang-analyzer.llvm.org/
Jeff: Robert, you mentioned that the Project Plan for 4.1 is too "busy" for the task tracker. Is there value in re-organizing it to feature the tracker parts?
Robert: I think there's value in keeping it as is for the 4.1 retrospective
Jeff: Should we have a link to the tracker from the project plan?
Robert: considered it, but thought it might be confusing
Jeff: I may go ahead and add, so people can find it
Jeff: Every other week, on this call, we're going to spend some time making sure we're on track for the release, to keep us focused on the goal(s). If a long conversation comes out of this, that will be the topic for another call. Keep the status update short.

Jeff: Anything else that needs to be brought up?
Robert: Scheduling for the next F2F, either August or November are other events we could piggyback onto, please comment on the list so we can plan.

Jeff: Anything else?

End of Call