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Mono for LSB

Mono is a LsbInterpretedLanguage, so it will have to address those issues.

Is Mono ready to be standardized, or is it possible that significant ABI breakage could still happen?

Mono is a clone of some of Microsoft's .NET technologies. There is a concern that Microsoft may have patent rights in .NET, and could choose to exercise those rights to our detriment should we make Mono a part of the LSB. See the Mono statement on this controversy for more information.

Mono includes parts standardized by ECMA, parts used by Microsoft (Windows.Forms, ASP.NET, etc.), and parts written by Novell that are more specific to Linux/GNOME (Gtk#, etc.). Which parts do we standardize? Which do we exclude? In particular, some of the patent problems mentioned above are found in the Microsoft add-on libraries not standardized by ECMA; can we avoid all patent problems by excluding ASP.NET, ADO.NET, and Windows.Forms?

Mono supports several source languages. There is the possibility that some of these languages will require runtime components. Which of these do we include in the standard?