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LSB Autobuild / Autotest Setup

Physical Machines

Name Processors Memory Disk Space Distro Build Chroots Location
lfdev-ia32 1xIA32 @ 1GHz Ubuntu Gutsy SLES 10 Oregon
lfdev-ia64 2xIA64 @ 900MHz Debian Etch SLES 10 Oregon
lfdev-power64 4xPPC64 @ 1.65GHz Debian Etch SLES 10 32bit, 64bit Oregon
lfdev-amd64 1xAMD64 @ 2.2GHz Ubuntu Gutsy SLES 10 Oregon HP
(s390x) 1xS390x SLES 10 SLES 10 32bit IBM Virtual Machine

Virtual Machines

Purpose Host Machine VM System Distro
rPath SI lfdev-amd64 Xen rPL

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