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Join us for the first ever Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit taking place from June 13 through 15, 2007 at Google's Mountain View Campus in the Bay Area. This unique, invitation-only event will bring together the brightest minds in the Linux ecosystem to discuss where Linux is, where it needs to go and how we can all help get it there. We're combining LF workgroup meetings, LSB face-to-face meetings, and the advisory councils (user, vendor, developer) to create one uber-conference. Breakout sessions should contain all the domain expertise to make a difference in the advancement of the Linux platform.

If you want to make an impact on the platform and meet with senior Linux technical and business representatives in one place, this is your event.

The LF Collaboration Summit will be open to LF members and to key senior participants in the Linux ecosystem. To apply please fill out this form.

More Information

Confirmed Speakers

  • James Bottomley, Linux Kernel Developer
  • Karen Copenhaver, Legal Leader
  • Ed Costello, Sr. Software Development Management - Adobe
  • Darren Davis, Linux Developer Evangelist - Novell
  • Chris diBona, Open Source Program Manager - Google
  • Daniel Frye, Vice President - IBM Open Systems Development
  • Tim Golden, Senior Vice President - Bank of America.
  • Greg Kroah-Hartman, Kernal Maintainter - SuSe Labs / Novell
  • Mike Milinkovich, Executive Director of the Eclipse Foundation
  • Andrew Morton, Linux Kernel Maintainer
  • Scott Nelson, Director of Business Development - RealNetworks
  • Mark Radcliffe, Partner, DLA Piper US, LLP
  • Markus Rex, Chief Technology Officer - Linux and Open Source, Novell
  • Mark Shuttleworth, Founder - the Ubuntu Project
  • Kay Tate, Program Manager - IBM Chiphopper
  • Theodore Ts'o, Linux Kernel Developer
  • Andrew Updegrove, Legal Leader
  • Jason Wacha, Vice President, Corp. Affairs/General Counsel MontaVista Software
  • Christy Wyatt, Vice President, Ecosystem and Market Development - Motorola Mobile Devices
  • Chris Wright, Core Developer, Red Hat
  • Jim Zemlin, Executive Director of the Linux Foundation