LSB F2F November 2007 Navigator Discussion

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Q1: Applications attributes

The LSB Navigator enables analysis what applications require from the Linux platform. The classification of applications by different attributes enriches the analysis capabilities. The suggestions appeared during the discussion of the attributes required are as follows.

  1. Rename the attribute "Application Group" to "Vendor".
  2. Rename the attribute "Distribution Type" to "Licensing" and add "Mixed" to the list of its possible values.
  3. Add description of the attribute "Application Size" to clarify what does it mean. Description of other attributes would be helpful as well.
  4. Change the list of values of the attribute "User Interface" to "GUI" and "non-GUI".
  5. Add a new attribute "Category" to specify target market of applications. The list of possible values - to be defined.
  6. Selection of multiple values required to improve analysis capabilities.

Q2: Comments on interface homepages

  1. Send notification e-mail to the lsb-infrastructure list when a new comment added.
  2. Consider alternative possibilities to implement antibot barriers in order to avoid mandatory registration on LF site before adding comments.
  3. Comments may be used for requesting inclusion of new interfaces into the LSB.
  4. Comments may be used for keeping links to:
    • documentation of the interface;
    • discussions regarding to the interface;
    • known bugs in the interface.