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Small to large tasks that don't fit directly in the release path, but would be great to have done anyway.

Bugs in "Infrastructure" category

  • bug 94 build tools: standard rpm build setup that works for srpms


  • develop bugzilla querying tools to run weekly or monthly from crontab
  • db interface query tool to take into account archspecifics (we think some interfaces are being overreported)
  • update to use current nALFS: need to update all xml, may need to forward-port some LSB patches
  • switch to pre-processor scheme instead of <cond test=arch>: generic source generates a correct tree for each architecture
  • look at other ways the sample could be built (portage, conary)


  • SUSv3 alignment - most of this work was done for 2.0/2.0.1.
  • The Realtime, Advanced Realtime and Tracing option groups are also not implmented. Need an analysis / decision on the missing features to either decide when to add, or to document why we don't want to add them. Omitting an Option group doesn't necessarily require an explanation, but it would be good for people coming fresh to the LSB to be able to understand the issues on those as well.