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Weekly Executive Summary

Unlike some of the 4.0 projects, this one has already started. This page is intended as a starting point, but now needs the project lead to update it with the project's real status.


The Sample Implementation is an important part of the LSB, both for testing applications, and as a basis for a stand-alone build environment that isn't reliant on lsbcc.

In recent years, building the old Linux From Scratch SI has become progressively more difficult, as the LFS project has changed gears and moved on from the tools we currently use. The 3.2 SI is severely delayed because of these problems.

We've decided that the 4.0 SI should be based on an entirely new toolset: the rPath's Conary and rMake frameworks. This will be an entirely new way of building the SI, starting from scratch and porting over little pieces of the old LFS SI as needed into the new framework.


A rough proposed schedule for this project. When we anticipate that we will reach certain milestones. Also, if the project has an absolutely-must-be-completed-by date, mention it here.

Milestone Plan Date Outlook Comments
Create a 4.0 SI in Conary for ia32 and x86_64  ?
Enable Conary to build distributions for ia64, ppc32, ppc64, s390, and s390x.  ?


What resources have been dedicated to this project?


If this project has shared or dedicated access to some number of machine/machines, list it here.


List of people who are working on the project and their roles.

Name Role
António Meireles Project Owner


Tasks will map many-to-one to milestones. Tasks are specific actionable work items that need to be completed in order to reach a milestone


Task Owner Status Outlook
Since rPL ships with a 2.5 glibc, bootstrap with a known good (all target arches) 2.4 glibc implementation. António Meireles Ongoing. Workbase is the SLED's glibc.
cross-build x86_64 group-bootstrap from x86 thru rMake António Meireles Ongoing. This is not strictly needed. It is in preparation of conary/rMake cross-bootstraping to the non x86 arches, in order to identify potential roadblocks. (as access to x86 machinery is far easier) DONE (with a 2.5 glibc)
Get a minimally userland collection (outside group-bootstrap) in order to get a properly booting system António Meireles Ongoing
Get all the LSB 4.x userland set properly implemented. António Meireles Ongoing


Task Owner Status Outlook
bootstrap stock rPL's group-bootstrap with LSB's linker on ia32/x86_64 SI. António Meireles Done. Both arches were bootstrapped (x86 -> x86 and x86_64/x86_64) against an external (stock rPL's) toolchain.


Tasks that can't be scheduled yet because they are waiting on some other task or external entity

Task Owner Status Outlook
provide 'preview' tarballs, bootable images, and install CDs (x86/x86_64) of LSB 4 SI.
cross-build group-bootstrap to ia64.
cross-build group-bootstrap to PowerPC 32-bit.
cross-build group-bootstrap to PowerPC 64-bit.
cross-build group-bootstrap to the s390 platform.
cross-build group-bootstrap to the s390x platform.


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