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This project has been assigned to ISPRAS; more details need to come from them.


Right now, switching target versions of the LSB requires the complete reinstallation of the entire SDK.

We encourage ISVs to target the oldest version of the LSB they can. Because building with different versions of the LSB is so difficult, ISVs choose the version of the LSB they target using other, more arbitrary criteria; either some easy heuristic ("the latest"), or by examining which distributions are certified to which versions, and picking the distros they like. Too often, the difficulty of targeting the "proper" LSB version is not seen as providing enough value for the cost.

To fix this, we should support two new features in our SDK:

  • It should be possible to build to multiple versions of the LSB without re-installing the SDK. Preferably, the version can be chosen at build time, with as few obstacles as possible.
  • Optionally, we should provide tools which can identify which version of the LSB is needed by the application, and build appropriately. This could be done as part of the build process, or separately as an audit tool for already-built applications.


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The project has been assigned to ISPRAS. Most likely, the ISPRAS pages have more detail on the progress of this task, which should be linked here.

Jeff Licquia 13:22, 7 April 2008 (PDT)

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