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Open Issues

Some details of the project need to be hashed out.


Right now, the LSB requires a different dynamic linker than the rest of the system. This linker is often not provided at all on non-LSB systems, and cannot be guaranteed to be available even on distros that can be LSB-compliant (if the LSB environment is not installed).

This is a serious obstacle to acceptance of the LSB by ISVs; no one wants to have to make sure the proper dynamic linker is installed. The tools we have provided to try and mitigate this problem have not been good enough.

To encourage ISV adoption, therefore, we need to implement the dynamic linker change a different way.

Theodore Ts'o has proposed an alternative mechanism for supporting the dynamic linker. In this model, the ELF dynamic linker is the same as for all other binaries on the system, but the LSB SDK embeds some code into the executable--either via crti.o or via an init function called early--which checks if the executable needs to be run with the LSB dynamic linker instead, and re-execs the binary if necessary. This provides a "best effort" system for running LSB applications, which can be ensured to run correctly on all Linux systems regardless of the status of LSB support on the specific machine.


A rough proposed schedule for this project. When we anticipate that we will reach certain milestones. Also, if the project has an absolutely-must-be-completed-by date, mention it here.

Milestone Plan Date Outlook Comments


No resources have been dedicated to this project.


No hardware has been dedicated to this project.


List of people who are working on the project and their roles.

Name Role
Theodore Ts'o Designer
Jeff Licquia Project Planner


Tasks will map many-to-one to milestones. Tasks are specific actionable work items that need to be completed in order to reach a milestone


Task Owner Status Outlook


Task Owner Status Outlook


Tasks that can't be scheduled yet because they are waiting on some other task or external entity

Task Owner Status Outlook


A few issues yet to resolve: the exact mechanism for doing this (crti.o or an init task).

Jeff Licquia 13:33, 7 April 2008 (PDT)

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