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Join the Linux Foundation and help support the advancement of Linux.

Become a Member

Linux is a product of mass collaboration unmatched in the history of computing. Since no one entity “owns” Linux, it calls upon an organization to provide those services needed to advance the platform. Members of the Linux Foundation support the neutral development, promotion and protection of the platform with their membership fees. By becoming a corporate or individual member, you can proudly say you support these activities:

  • Employing key Linux fellows, including Linus Torvalds, to ensure they can focus 100% of their attention on maintaining and furthering the Linux platform
  • Administering and defending the Linux trademark to protect the investment in the brand “Linux”
  • Facilitating crucial administrative, technical and legal functions for the Kernel developer community to enable them to continue to advance the platform
  • Serving as the neutral voice for Linux with press and analysts to ensure that Linux is defended against competitor threats and remains a successful, thriving and growing operating system
  • Increasing the number of applications on the Linux platform through its developer services
  • Serving as a proxy between the community, industry and end users to ensure everyone’s needs are best understood and that collaboration solutions are optimized
  • Holding neutral collaboration and legal events to ensure the platform is advanced and protected
  • Providing a neutral forum for technical collaboration and standardization

Membership Types

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Questions and Information

For questions and information pertaining to corporate membership please contact Mike Woster at mwoster (at) linuxfoundation dot org or via phone at 847.636.1784.

For questions or information pertaining to individual membership please contact us at membership (at) linuxfoundation dot org or call us at 415.723.9709.