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ISO Ballot DIS 23360

On 11/10/04, ISO/IEC commenced balloting the 2.0.1 LSB release through the "Publically Available Specification" process. This has a single, six month long, ballot for Draft International Standard 23360.

Ballots at this level are cast by "countries". A full list of participating members can be found SubComm=ISO%2FIECJTC1&CommLevel=TC&OldSubComm=ISO%2FIEC+JTC+1&SCCODE= here.

The ballot closed on May 10, 2005. Result of Voting:

  • P-Members voting: 13 in favour out of 16 = 81.25% (requirement > = 66.66%) (P-Members having abstained are not counted in this vote.)
  • Member bodies voting: 3 negative votes out of 21 = 14.28% (requirement < = 25%)
  • Approved

There will be a ballot resolution meeting, August 29 - September 1, at the Furama City Centre in Singapore. Details in SingaporeMeeting. Materials for the meeting, including an editor's report, draft disposition of comments, and updated draft of the specifiecation (LSB 3.0) are in attachment:singapore.pdf.

The following future steps have to happen beforethe LSB is an International Standard:

  1. All the national bodies have a chance to look at each others comments and say "we agree!"
2. The Project Editor prepares a set of recommended changes to the 2.0.1 text based on these comments. An initial draft of this Disposition of Comments is at attachment:doc.pdf.
3. All national bodies with positions must attend the ballot resolution meeting
4. A new draft is prepared with these comments included. It is anticipated that this draft will carry a version number of 3.1.
5. This draft is submitted to ISO with a cover letter from the Project Editor explaining how it fixes the problems in the ballot.
6. ISO publish the amended document as IS 23360: 2005.

Some Japanese requirements for Internationalization that are not completely in the document today are at attachment:n3695.pdf

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