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LSB Desktop 3.1 Release Info

This page is intended to track the 3.1 release and also outline the decisions for further review and comments.

Libraries targeted for LSB Desktop standardization

During the last portland face to face meeting we proposed to divide the desktop specification in the four different modules. As LSB desktop certification is based on top of LSB 3.0 certification, these 4 additional modules provide the add-on set of specifications.

  1. GTK toolkit library set: The specification module will be referred as Desktop_GTK and based on GTK 2.6.x release interface set. These include the following: (Total of 11 libraries)
  • Glib/GObject/GModule: These libraries provide core utility functions used by all GNOME programs.
  • ATK: ATK is the Accessibility ToolKit. These interfaces are intended to be used by AT (Accessible Technology) programs to provide services needed for users with accessibility needs.
  • Pango: Pango provides a framework for the layout and rendering of internationalized text.
  • GTK+/GDK/GdkPixbuf: These interfaces provide base widgets, drawing, and image processing functionality.
2. libxml2 library: The specification module will be referred as XML. The baseline for this is libxml2 2.6.22 release interface set. As the libxml2 library really is not limited to desktop, we decided to create a separate module for it. In LSB 4.0 timeframe this will become part of the LSB Server certification in addition to Desktop.
3. Graphics Extensions: The existing Graphics module (which is part of LSB 3.0 certification) covers X11 and OpenGL libraries. As we can only modify this module in LSB major release, we decided to create a separate module for LSB desktop 3.1 release. It will contain:
  • libPNG: based on 1.2.8 release of library
  • libJPEG: based on 0.62 release of library
  • libfontconfig and fontconfig commands:
4. libQt toolkit libraries: The specification module will be referred as Desktop_Qt. Trolltech is actively working on finishing this. The final release of this module will be dependent on Trolltech completing the relevant work in LSB desktop timeframe (RC by Jan 15) and LSB/FSG resolving the licensing criteria.

Release Checklist

Generic IA32 IA64 PPC32 PPC64 S390 S390X X86_64
Specification n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
GTK tests n/a
Qt tests n/a
PNG and JPEG tests n/a
libxml2 tests n/a
Library Checker n/a
Command Checker n/a
Application Checker n/a
Package Checker n/a
Application Battery n/a
Build Tools n/a
Sample Implementation n/a
Release Notes n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Two Distros n/a
INT Review n/a
SC Vote

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