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Information about the LSB automatic daily builds and status of daily execution of test tools.

Automatic Daily Builds

In order to find coding problems quicker, most of the LSB tests and tools are automatically built once a day during the EST overnight period. There are autobuild systems for all seven of the LSB supported processor architectures. The following items contain information about the status of the autobuilds and where the autobuilt packages can be located.

Arch Host Name OS Installed Comments
IA32 RHEL4U2 On IBM Intranet
IA64 RHEL4U2 chroot under Debian
PPC32 RHEL4U2 On IBM Intranet
PPC64 RHEL4U2 On IBM Intranet
S390 RHEL4U2 On IBM Intranet
S390X RHEL4U2 On IBM Intranet
X86_64 RHEL4U2 chroot under Debian

Daily Execution of lsbappchk and lsbpkgchk

Daily Execution of lsbdevchk

Daily Execution of lsblibchk

To Do

  • Autobuild Sample Implementation bug #489

Any questions about the LSB autobuilders should be sent to