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LSB 3.0 Release Action Items

C++ Specification

<tablewidth="90%">C++ Specification Action Items
# <:>Action Item <:>Owner <:>Due Date
1. branch DB, rename libstdc++ Stuart Anderson <:>MM/DD/YY
2. symbol grab - per architecture Stuart Anderson <:>MM/DD/YY
3. symbol grab - versions Stuart Anderson <:>MM/DD/YY
4. sizes of global data Stuart Anderson <:>MM/DD/YY
5. size/offset of class members (read dwarf info) Stuart Anderson <:>MM/DD/YY
6. interfaces/class data in ISO C++ NOT ASSIGNED <:>MM/DD/YY
7. interfaces/class data identified, but no spec available NOT ASSIGNED <:>MM/DD/YY

LSB Build Tools

<tablewidth="90%">Build Tools Action Items
# <:>Action Item <:>Owner <:>Due Date
1. Generate 3.0 tools from new DB NOT ASSIGNED <:>MM/DD/YY

LSB Runtime Tests

<tablewidth="90%">Runtime Test Action Items
# <:>Action Item <:>Owner <:>Due Date
1. for C++ tests, uplift to gcc 3.4 NOT ASSIGNED <:>MM/DD/YY

LSB Application Battery

<tablewidth="90%">Application Battery Action Items
# <:>Action Item <:>Owner <:>Due Date
1. validate build with 3.0 tools NOT ASSIGNED <:>MM/DD/YY
2. uplift apps to latest upstream source levels NOT ASSIGNED <:>MM/DD/YY

LSB Sample Implementation

<tablewidth="90%">Sample Implementation Action Items
# <:>Action Item <:>Owner <:>Due Date
1. uplift gcc to 3.4 NOT ASSIGNED <:>mostly-done
2. validate distro-netural C++ symbol list NOT ASSIGNED <:>mostly-done
3. uplift other source to latest released upstream NOT ASSIGNED <:>MM/DD/YY
4. change X source to use from instead of XFree86 NOT ASSIGNED <:>MM/DD/YY

LSB Application Tests

<tablewidth="90%">Application Test Action Items
# <:>Action Item <:>Owner <:>Due Date
1. regen libchk and validate vs. known 3.4 distros NOT ASSIGNED <:>MM/DD/YY
2. complete devchk crosscheck NOT ASSIGNED <:>MM/DD/YY
3. get pkgchk ready for release NOT ASSIGNED <:>MM/DD/YY
4. get dynchk ready for release NOT ASSIGNED <:>MM/DD/YY


<tablewidth="90%">LSB 3.0 Release Items
# <:>Action Item <:>Owner <:>Due Date
1. all lsb-build packages NOT ASSIGNED <:>MM/DD/YY
2. all runtime test suites NOT ASSIGNED <:>MM/DD/YY
3. all application test suites NOT ASSIGNED <:>MM/DD/YY