2011 LSB Infrastructure Recovery

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This page describes the process of restoring the LSB infrastructure after the security breach the Linux Foundation suffered in fall 2011.

For now, all progress is being tracked in Buzilla using a pair of tracking/rollup bugs: bug 3290 - web services and bug 3332 - LSB development workflow.


This roadmap lists the essential missing infrastructure items that must be completed. The rollup bugs mentioned above will have more bugs listed that are less critical.

Task Bug Status
Set up additional users for systems 3357 Done
Restore buildbot 3298 Done.
Rebuild ia64 and power64 dev machines 3299 Done.
Restore ISPRAS wiki 3295 Done.
Restore problem_db2 web app 3351 Done.
Restore package repositories 3325
Debian package generation 3325
Restore autotest functionality 3337
Restore LANANA LSB info 3352
Verify FHS infrastructure is in place No bug filed.