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-====== ​CIP Reference Hardware ​====== +Page moved to [[civilinfrastructureplatform:​ciptesting:​cipreferencehardware|CIP Reference Hardware]].
-The CIP project has selected a number of hardware platforms to used as reference platforms for the project'​s software.+
-These platforms will be supported in:\\ +Please update your link.
-- [[civilinfrastructureplatform:​cipkernelmaintenance|CIP SLTS Linux Kernel]]\\ +
-- [[civilinfrastructureplatform:​cip-core|CIP Core Reference Filesystem]]\\ +
-- [[civilinfrastructureplatform:​ciptestingboardatdesksingledevfeaturepage|CIP Board at Desk Test VM]]\\ +
-- CIP Automated Test Infrastructure +
- +
-The current list of reference hardware for the CIP project is:\\ +
-- [[civilinfrastructureplatform:​cipreferencehardware:​iwg20m|RZ/​G1M iWave Qseven Development Kit]] (Armv7)\\ +
-- AM335x Beaglebone Black (Armv7)\\ +
-- Cyclone V DE0-Nano-SoC Development Kit (Armv7)\\ +
-- QEMU x86_64+
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