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 {{:​chaoss:​chaoss_logo_pantone_2_.png?​400|}} {{:​chaoss:​chaoss_logo_pantone_2_.png?​400|}}
-Welcome to the CHAOSS ​(Community ​Health Analytics Open Source Software) wiki page!+====== ​CHAOSS ​Project ​Community ​======
 +Welcome to the CHAOSS (Community Health Analytics Open Source Software) Project community wiki page!
-[[chaoss:metrics|Metrics wiki page]]+<WRAP center round info 60%> 
 +The CHAOSS wiki pages are no longer maintainted. Work moved to [[https://​​chaoss|​chaoss]]
-[[chaoss:​software|Software wiki page]] 
-[[chaoss:​events|CHAOSS Events ​Page]]+===== About CHAOSS ===== 
 +Work in the CHAOSS Project community is organized in two committees.  
 +  * The [[chaoss:​metrics|Metrics Committee]] works on establishing implementation-agnostic metrics for measuring community activity, contributions,​ and health. 
 +  * The [[chaoss:​software|Software Committee]] works on producing integrated, open source software for analyzing software development,​ and definition of standards and models used in that software in specific use cases. 
 +===== How to get involved ===== 
 +The CHAOSS Project is an open source community that welcomes all new contributors.  
 +  * Get involved with the [[https://​​chaoss/​wg-diversity-inclusion|Diversity & Inclusion Working Group]] 
 +  * Get involved with the [[https://​​chaoss/​wg-gmd|Growth-Maturity-Decline Working Group]] 
 +===== Additional Resources ===== 
 +  * [[https://​​|CHAOSS Website]] 
 +  * [[https://​​presentation/​d/​12rkLLa37MBO327AH07Tvq7R7-Zj4nq3zrci9OtS4IA4|Presentation about CHAOSS]] 
 +  * [[chaoss:​governing-board|Governing Board Page]] 
 +  * [[chaoss:​events|CHAOSS Events]] 
 +  * [[chaoss:​news-coverage|News Coverage of CHAOSS]] 
 +===== CHAOSS at OSSNA 2017 ===== 
 +The CHAOSS project was officially announced at the Open Source Summit North America 2017 in Los Angeles.  
 +We thank all participants of the BoF and workshop for participating and contributing.  
 +Below is a picture of the workshop participants at OSSNA2017. 
 +{{ :​chaoss:​img:​2017-09-12_chaoss-at-ossna2017.png?​nolink |}}
-[[chaoss:​news-coverage|News Coverage of CHAOSS]] 
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