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OpenChain Policies and Processes

The OpenChain Project has a series of policies and processes to help guide the development of each Work Team and the project as a whole.

1.1) OpenChain Project General Contribution Policy

2.1) OpenChain Specification Work Team Contribution Policy

2.2) OpenChain Specification Unofficial (Unreviewed) Translation Policy

Items for consideration:

2.3) OpenChain Specification Official (Reviewed) Translation Policy

Translation Checklist

  1. Receive nomination to perform translation via the main OpenChain mailing list. If approved by the Specification Work Team Chair then precede to complete the remaining steps.
  2. Obtain names of maintainer and reviewer(s). Add them to the translation page listing for the given language
  3. Direct all translation related discussions to the specification mailing list. Maintainer and reviewer will need to join this list:
  4. Maintainer obtains a MS Word or ODT copy of the English version to facilitate the translation:
  5. Create a github repository and assign maintainer admin access. If you are not familiar with Github we will assist you in checking in your work product files and creating the additional required files prior to the release of the translation.
    • The maintainer should include a file in the top directory that lists all the contributors.
    • The maintainer should include a License file should be the same as the version of the English spec being translated.
  6. Submit final version for review in pdf format to the specification mailing list for review. This review is largely about the formatting.
    • The following disclaimer must be included in English and the translated language above the copyright and license notices found on page 2: “This is an official translation from the OpenChain Project. It has been translated from the original English text. In the event there is confusion between this translation and the English version, The English text shall take precedence.”
  7. Once the formatted version is approved: send maintainer and reviewers formal email sign off requests via the specification mailing list. This sign off is largely about ensuring the translation content accurately and completely represents the text found in the English version.
  8. Obtain sign offs from maintainer and reviewer(s).
  9. Post translated pdf version to the OpenChain Translation web page. It should also be stored in the github repo.
  10. Announce the availability of the translated version on the main OpenChain mailing list

3.1) OpenChain Curriculum Work Team Contribution Policy

3.2) OpenChain Curriculum Material Donation Policy

Items for consideration:

4.1) OpenChain Onboarding Work Team Contribution Policy

4.2) OpenChain Onboarding Material Donation Policy

Items for consideration: