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Core Embedded Linux Project

The wiki for the CE Linux Project.

Project overview:

Mission and Objective

The mission of the Core Embedded Linux Project is to provide a vendor neutral place to discuss and establish core embedded Linux technologies. Any Linux Foundation member company can apply for membership in the Core Embedded Linux Project. The meaning of the CE acronym was originally Consumer Electronics but it has been changed to Core Embedded, because nowadays Linux is used in many kind of products, including not only consumer electronics but also industrial systems or Internet of Things applications.

The Core Embedded Linux Project aims to cover wider technologies than other collaborative projects. We always try to find or focus on new requirements or topics for embedded Linux systems. These requirements and topics proposed by member companies are based on actual requirements that need to be solved in collaboration with the open source community. The Core Embedded Linux Project is a group that can be used to research and discuss topics that are not covered by another Linux Foundation project. For example, the Civil Infrastructure Platform project started as an investigation project inside the Core Embedded Linux Project.

Major Activities


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